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Buying or selling real estate can be a very stressful process, but the rewards are abundant! Unfortunately, not all realtors know how to navigate the intricacies of real estate transactions. As a realtor, I take great pride in identifying ways to make the process easier for you. Part of being a great realtor lies in being a great listener. By taking the time to understand your specific real estate goals and obstacles, I can alleviate the stress involved and help to make the process more enjoyable.

When searching for a new home or listing your current home, you may want to consider the resources you'll need along the way. Bob has an experienced and trusted group of professionals that can help you every step of the way. Whether you've considered staging your home or you're concerned about getting a loan, Bob has the resources you'll need. If you have any questions about the process, don't hesitate to Ask Bob!

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Bob has a proven track record of selling homes. He can identify reasons why a home is having a difficult time selling. He also has experience finding ways to draw attention to your listing. Bob has had a part in selling the following list of properties. If you have any questions about selling your home, don't hesitate to contact Bob. If you'd like to read about what others have said about Bob Rizza, please see our testimonials

  • 4N036 Wood Dale Rd Addison - $85,000
  • 1105 Cedar St 3B Glendale Heights - $89,000
  • 741 Rozanne Dr Addison - $122,000
  • 652 Mallard Ct C-1 Bartlett - $126,000
  • 925 Grant St Addison - $127,000
  • 511 Harvard Ave Addison - $129,900
  • 975 Rohlwing Rd Addison - $155,000
  • 8711 Bryn Mawr Ave 309 Chicago - $175,000
  • 717 Craig Pl Addison - $188,000
  • 412 Clarendon Ave Addison - $198,000
  • 1291 Lake St 104 Addison - $200,000
  • 275 Loveland Dr Glendale Heights - $208,000
  • 1791 Goldengate Ct Addison - $217,000
  • Mulloy Dr Addison - $248,000 (05/28/2010)
  • 643 Tacoma Carol Stream - $250,000
  • 525 Newberry Dr. Streamwood - $260,500
  • 505 Fall Cir Roselle - $297,000
  • 133 Bay Drive 133 Itasca - $327,500
  • 1638 Rampart Rd Addison - $341,000
  • 336 Wildberry Ln Bartlett - $360,000
  • 110 Rodenburg Rd Roselle - $393,000
  • 885 Hampton Dr.Carol Stream - $412,000


"We were fortunate and very grateful to work with Bob Rizza for over 10 months. He was a great inspiration in helping my son find a home. Being a first time buyer he was very unaware of everything involved in today's real estate transactions. Bob did a great job in helping all of fully understand all of our options and make the best decisions." 


"I have had the pleasure of working with Bob since 1998. He is a true business professional, always exhibiting a high degree of honesty, integrity and knowledge. Bob is an expert in his field and an all around really nice person to know and work with."

Steve Piraino

"A few years ago, we engaged Bob to help us sell our industrial building. He did so within a couple of months. We were very impressed with his determination and professional attitude. His drive and motivation were above the norm. Since then he has helped us sell our home, helped close an intricate and challenging deal on my sisters home, and successfully sold my brother-in-law's home. He also found my brother-in-law a GREAT new home at a fantastic price. Even a down economy did not dampen his enthusiasm and optimistic attitude. He simply gives his all to every customer. Keep up the great work Bob!"

Ronald and Sherry Benn

Robert Rizza

Robert Rizza is a licensed broker with Century 21 Lullo and has been a licensed real estate professional for over 15 years. Having lived in Addison and raised his family in central DuPage county for the past 40 years, Bob offers a wealth of knowledge and insight to both buyers and sellers looking for success in a volatile and sometimes confusing residential real estate market. All the foreclosures and short sales which have become such a key element in our current real estate market require partnering with a qualified professional that can demonstrate a full understanding of all the challenges that these types of transactions can present.

Bob also spent 25 years in the private business sector with much of that time as president CEO of a mid sized printing and packaging company. His many years in business and his unique perspective as an investor himself make him a valuable resource for commercial property owners as well. Carefully listening to and understanding his client's needs are the keys to giving the sound advice and solid performance that Bob has become known for.

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